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Organic restaurant & brewery in Garmisch-Partenkirchen | Garmisch court

NEW: Our own brewery in the Garmischer Hof

A brewpub is home. A regional beer identity. We wanted a place like that and a product like that. That’s why we let the idea ferment and then tackled it. With the conversion of our hotel and an additional training as a beer sommelier, which brought numerous insights. For example, that brewing is traditionally top-fermented, that a foam prevention spiral has no physical purpose and that the residues of the brewing process, the so-called spent grain, go wonderfully with our dishes. Today we would like to give you a warm welcome! And we would be happy if the fast pace of life at the tables disappears and the coziness of bench pressing remains.

We make a craft beer. Without hop dosing machine and without fully automatic machines. It is untreated, i.e. not filtered, heated or colored and flows directly from the tank to the bar. As a so-called cellar or gusset beer, which you can enjoy fresh and, also in the traditional way, you are welcome to examine earlier. Because part of our brewery philosophy is the unobstructed view of the brewhouse and the open tanks. Cheers!

See the brewery website for menu & hours of operation

Biohotel Garmischer Hof Bierbrauerei
Biohotel Garmischer Hof Bierbrauerei

The only organic breakfast in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

The story of the happy hen and living brother chick is not just a myth and is a matter of taste for us. All of the organically certified dishes in our brunch and breakfast range come from carefully selected suppliers and, if possible, from the immediate vicinity.

100% organic certified

Because whether vegans, vegetarians, allergy sufferers or buffet cutters – we know all additives in the biological area and adapt to every guest. This also applies to the surroundings. Whether in the home jacket, three-piece suit or sports outfit – everyone comes as they feel and finds their place. The same applies in the morning, when our diverse organic breakfast is ready for you between 7 and 10 a.m. With fresh baked goods, coffee from the Murnau coffee roastery, wholesome muesli, fine cheeses and regional sausages from the Juffinger organic butcher. It can be found in the popular scrambled egg and bacon combo, among other things, and can be served at dawn on request – for business travelers who are registered early birds to start the day.