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Our favorite places in the region - city, country, river

Our insider tips in and around Garmisch-Partenkirchen:

Whether a vacation ends up in the memory treasure chest often depends on the right tips. Then the low season becomes the high season and April becomes my favorite month. In our family-run house you will find out everything that can enhance your stay at any time of the year. We start with our personal favorite places and the anticipation of sharing them with you soon:

NO. 1 – Riessersee

Recommended by Ulrike Pawlak-Seiwald

“Slightly above the village lies the Riessersee with the most beautiful view of the
Mountains. There I like to let my soul dangle on the jetty with the picnic basket. And in winter, the lake is a great surface of natural ice thanks to the fact that it freezes over quickly.”

NO. 2 – Garmisch running lap

Recommended by Anna-Lena Seiwald

“I often start my favorite run from the Garmischer Hof. It leads along the Weitfelderstraße past the ice rink, up to the Riessersee and down again via the Kreuzeck. You are immediately in nature and freshened up back in the center.”

NO. 3 – round of golf in Burgrain

Recommended by Christiane Seiwald

“Garmisch isn’t just about hiking and skiing. I also appreciate a relaxing round of golf in Burgrain, for example. The 18-hole course of the Werdenfels country and golf club can be reached quickly and can also be played by guests.”

NO. 4 - Wild Animal Feeding

Recommended by Noah Pawlak

“I’m in the football club at Groeben. Sometimes after training we go up to the Kramerplateauweg and over to the Windbag Alm. In winter there is the wild animal feeding and you have a great view of the place.”

NO. 5 – Saint Martin's Hut

Recommended by Daniel Schimmer

“The Sankt-Martins-Hütte inn is located below the Kramerspitze at an altitude of 1040 m. Reachable in about 60 minutes on foot from the Garmischer Hof. A place to take a sober look at everything from above.

NO. 6 – Ludwigstrasse

Recommended by Konstanze Seiwald von Thurn

“When I go shopping, I often go to Ludwigstraße in Partenkirch. There are many individual shops and an authentic atmosphere. Whether it’s handmade ceramics, sustainable fashion or the FAIR Weltladen – here you can shop beyond the bar and often discover the people behind it.”

NO. 7 – Eibsee

Recommended by Florian Seiwald

“I like the Eibsee. It’s well-known and popular, but calm returns in the evening hours. Then my bathing break begins, which I really enjoy and which is the best way to end the day in summer for me.”

NO. 8 – Biohotel Bavaria

Recommended by Luzia Massin

“When I have time, I like to sit on the terrace of our Biohotel Bavaria – drinking coffee, chatting and listening to the murmur of the stream.”

NO. 9 – Cafe Krönner

Recommended by Pia Seiwald

“When I’m not sitting on a horse, I like cakes and chocolates from Café Krönner. It’s right near us and in the middle of Garmisch’s pedestrian zone.”

NO. 10 – Loisachbad playground

Recommended by Nepomuk Seiwald

“The Loisachbad playground is great! Here I play football with my friends or look for the turtles in the pond. There is a lot of space and mum can have a coffee in the front.”