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Wellness in Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Alpisana SPA Garmischer Hof

A very special place can be found under the roof of the Garmischer Hof, where the Alpisana Spa extends to 400 m2. Let your thoughts come to rest and tranquility surround you. There is plenty of room and a versatile wellness offer: Finnish sauna with mountain view, steam bath with starry sky, open-air balcony with Alpine panorama, Kneipp spa with drinking fountain as well as resting oases and a meditation tower. In the application area you can indulge yourself in one of the massage rooms or the whirlpool with local herbs and certified natural cosmetics.

And even if you may not look like a Victoria Secret Model after our”Love your age” program, you’ll at least feel like one. Or completely different. Whether relaxed, inspired or dreamy – it’s about taking your time and letting things take their course.

Biohotel Garmischer Hof Kosmetikbehandlung Frau
Biohotel Garmischer Hof Aloe Vera
Hot Stone Massage Biohotel Garmischer Hof Garmisch

Day Spa

Day guests are also very welcome in our Alpisana Spa. Whether it’s after-work relaxation, a girls’ get-together or a regular visit to the sauna – you can look forward to using our entire spa area.

Opening hours & registration

Phone: +49(0)8821  9110
E-Mail: alpisana@garmischer-hof.de

Opening hours: 2:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m

Wellness in Garmisch - applications

Wellness in Garmisch can be so versatile. Our personal tip: book or give away a “pampering time” of 30, 60 or 90 minutes and decide which treatment you would like to use based on how you are feeling on the day and your current symptoms. Please note that wellness services such as the hot stone massage or our popular herbal stamps require a certain amount of lead time and must be booked in good time.

Wellness in Garmisch - with 100% certified natural cosmetics

The heart of our relaxation world are natural products from selected partners, which are used in the applications. In the face, neck and décolleté area, we only let certified natural cosmetics touch your skin, which uses pure, absolutely skin-friendly organic aloe vera gel instead of water and completely dispenses with alcohol, parabens and citric acid.

Pure nature and 100% herbal active ingredients that have a healing, rejuvenating and regenerating effect and make your skin glow. In addition, we use our own oil and salt mixtures from regional herbs for our massages and full baths, which we purchase fresh. Even more local is the source for our Werdenfels herbal stamp massage, in which warm stamps travel soothingly along your body. They contain hand-mown herbs from a natural meadow. As the icing on the cake, essential oils and aromatherapeutic treasures fill your nose.

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Biohotel Garmischer Hof Day Spa

Naturopath Peter Lutz

The non-medical practitioner Peter Lutz, whose practice is in the SPA area of the Riessersee Hotel, has been working as a non-medical practitioner since 1981 and completed his training at the non-medical practitioner technical school in Saarbrücken. He then went through a year of acupuncture training in Singapore, followed by a year of chiropractic training at the Palmer School in New York. This was followed by an internship with Dr. medical Walter, specialist in naturopathy, in Frankfurt. He then worked as an assistant to Dr. medical Ivantis, Orthopedic Specialist. This was followed by the management of the center for natural healing in Ravensburg in close cooperation with Dr. medical Holan, Chief Physician at the Ravensburg Hospital and Dr. medical Desnizza, founder of neurotopic injection therapy.

Energetic back treatment

Release blockages, both physically and energetically

  • Vibration massage deeply relaxes the muscles
  • gentle chiropractic releases blockages
  • Deep andullation and infrared very relaxing
  • NanoVi therapy – vibration information for energetic cell renewal

High-dose vitamin C infusions 7.5g R

Vitamin C is considered an ACTIVATOR of the entire cell metabolism. It strengthens the immune system and eliminates aggressive waste products from the cells (free radicals damage the genetic material, the cell walls and important proteins. They are responsible for rheumatism, vascular diseases and, in some cases, cancer). Vitamin C promotes healing of bones, skin and wounds, regulates fat metabolism and the body’s detoxification systems.

wrinkle reduction

After a detailed explanation and consultation, the desired therapy takes place. The gel is injected under the skin with a very fine needle. The area can be treated beforehand with an anesthetic cream. The relevant area is then cooled. After the treatment, the treated area may be slightly tender, slightly reddened or slightly swollen in places. The success is visible immediately after the treatment, which means that the individual beauty plan can be adapted to your wishes during the treatment.