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Score sustainably. Swarm with us - at the Biohotel Garmischer Hof!

We are BIO HOTEL by conviction. We try to act in a climate-positive manner at all times and want to show what we are doing. Our responsible philosophy coincides with the aim of Oekobonus to promote a sustainable lifestyle and climate protection. We share these values and vision with our partners and the people behind them. This is how we create added value for you.

Join in, swarm with us!

What is Oekobonus?

Oekobonus is a sustainable bonus program that rewards your environmentally friendly and resource-saving lifestyle. Oekobonus supports your commitment in many areas. Whether shopping, on vacation or in shops. With “green” consumer decisions you will be rewarded with “Bees”. In this way, we support sustainable projects, which are becoming more and more important. Make a conscious decision to do more and set an example. These are our goals, which more and more entrepreneurs share with us.

Become part of our community of values!

Collect bees in the oekobonus app

Why not a map but an app?

  • The digital trading card is resource-friendly. This is important to us.
  • You immediately have your quick account overview. That simplifies a lot.
  • You will find coupons and offers. That makes it attractive to you.
  • You can find out directly about redemption options and donation projects. You decide.

The oekobonus points are bees!

We associate environmental protection with the Bees, as they have a major impact on the global ecosystem. We stand out from conventional bonus programs. Sustainable and easy via the oekobonus app.

It's that easy

Simply download the oekobonus app. Create your personal account and off you go. You receive 1 Bee for every 1 euro you spend. Please select BIOHOTEL Garmischer Hof as your registration partner.


collect bees

You can collect Bees from participating local partners, such as at our hotel reception, or by shopping online. You receive bees on bonus-eligible services and secure additional exclusive offers or coupons.


Redeem Bees

Simply redeem your Bees the next time you shop at one of the participating oekobonus partners. When redeeming, 1 bee corresponds to a discount value of 1 cent.


Do good with Bees

You decide to donate your Bees? With pleasure! You support selected social, environmental or aid projects.