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Organic Hotel in Bavaria – Garmischer Hof

Your organic hotel in the Center of Garmisch-Partenkirchen

Our organic hotel in Bavaria has seen fashion houses come and go. Watching people park, let mini golf balls fly by and experience everything from the roll film camera to the selfie stick. Undeterred, it stands in the center of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Real size, not screaming loud, but steady and quiet. Because what’s important is what happens inside. An organic hotel, where you will be greeted by name and recognized the next day. Where the dining room is called Halle and feels like living room. Where help is available, but not imposed. Where the roast pork is organic and pleasurably full. Where you sit alone at a table and do not feel alone. Where one moves openly and freely and likes to be there. As part of the hotel family, with many Kanns and no must.

This is the feeling we call “Petit Grand” – what you feel but not see – and what you receive beyond the revolving door. A basic philosophy that is stable but based on openness. And ensures that we do not embed tradition, but connect it with new ideas.

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Certified Member in BIO HOTELS® Association

One hundred percent organic is not a walk – but our conviction. Because the following generations do not deserve the half, but the full commitment, and our guests of course. That’s why we at our Biohotel in Bavaria on 100% certified organic quality and are proud to be a member of the association BIO HOTELS®. An institution with transparent organic seals and high organic standards. From certified food and regional purchasing, through green electricity, natural cosmetics and recycled paper in the non-food sector to regular quality controls. www.biohotels.info

Baubiology in the Biohotel Garmischer Hof

The next step was and is to let Bio move into the rooms and thus to further develop the sustainable concept of our Biohotel in Bavaria. A challenge for which we have consciously decided and which we now tackle in stages: lovingly renovated or fundamentally renovated rooms. With natural lime plaster on the walls, solid wood furniture from the local carpenter, timeless bathrooms made of natural stone and comfortable beds without metal. With de-energized water pipes, optional mains cut-off and a good carbon footprint, which in no way restricts your comfort. But maybe the perspective widens and new thoughts feed.

Common economics at the Biohotel Garmisch Hof

The fact that a “good life for me” becomes a “good life for all” is a fundamental idea of ​​the common good economy – which we share without reservation and allow us to move in as a forward-looking economic model. Success is no longer measured by the financial profit, but the well-being of man and the environment is declared the highest goal of the economy. At present, we are preparing the first common good balance sheet and aligning our entrepreneurial activities with new social and societal criteria. You can find out what these are and what is still going on in this topic here.

History of the Biohotel Garmischer Hof


At birth, the hotel still bore the name Bellevue and stood in the Bahnhofstrasse, which later became today’s Chamonixstraße. Reigning times in Garmisch-Partenkirchen, where tourism flourished and noble city dwellers spent their holidays between cows and horse races.


Anton and Kreszenzia Seiwald came with their son Hans from South Tyrol / Upper Bozen to Garmisch and took over the “House Bellevue”, which they continued from then on as Hotel “Garmischer Hof”. They met the economic crisis of that time with personal commitment and fresh ideas (perhaps the cornerstone of the Seiwald philosophy?). A private pastry shop and a tea and dance bar were added, the latter with legendary resonance.


Hans and Inge Seiwald get their son Peter and then the scepter in the hand. Especially Inge takes care of the events and continues to run the Garmischer Hof, which was always occupied during the war, as Hotel Garni.


Peter Seiwald meets his future wife, Christiane Bätz from Schwarzach in the Odenwald, and with the children Ulrike (1972) and Florian (1976) he founds the fourth generation of the Hotel Garmischer Hof.


Christiane Seiwald takes over the Garmischer Hof and is still the “good soul” of the house. She has made the hotel what it is today. A house that combines the values of great-grandparents with the openness of all generations and welcomes guests with that special charm.

1990 –  1997

It is built again and the siblings Ulrike and Florian Seiwald get a daughter at the same time. Anna-Lena and Luzia join the hotel family as the fifth generation.


With the next addition to the Weitfelderstraße, further rooms and the Alpisana Spa are being created as a wellness retreat. The restaurant is also lovingly renovated and the historic Bickelsäule course preserved.

2004 – 2006

Ulrike takes Noah Damian for further offspring and the rest of the family is still in demand on the construction site. With the completion of the Alpisana Spa, another milestone has been achieved and guests can look forward to two floors of well-being ever since. Florian and Konstanze marry in a hotel-fusing manner and extend the fifth generation to Pia (2008) and Nepomuk (2010).


Florian Seiwald and his wife Konstanze Seiwald-von Thurn lease the Garmischer Hof from the Seiwald OHG and manage it from then on, as well as the Hotel Bavaria, which comes from the von Thurn family. A family tie that culminates in the two partner hotels and continues to integrate Christiane and Ulrike Seiwald in the shops of the Garmischer Hof.


The Garmischer Hof is certified organic and member of the association BIO HOTELS. A real heartfelt wish of the owners and an important step on the sustainable way.

Organic is now gradually moving into the rooms in the new design of the Garmischer Hof. With lovingly renovated or fundamentally geomantically renovated rooms. With natural lime plaster on the walls, solid wood furniture from a local carpenter, timeless bathrooms made of natural stone and comfortable beds without metal. With suppressed water veins, optional mains disconnection and a good CO2 footprint.
The first balance sheet for the common good is submitted and reaches 603 points.
The fact that a “good life for me” becomes a “good life for everyone” is the fundamental idea here that is being used as a forward-looking economic model.
The first brewery in Garmisch-Partenkirchen has been opening its doors again for almost 50 years – and of course in 100% organic quality. It is brewed without a hop dosing machine and without fully automatic machines. The beer is untreated, i.e. not filtered, heated or colored and flows directly from the tank to the bar.
No matter how sustainably the hotel business is organized, there is always a residual value of CO2 emissions. However, these emissions can be compensated for by taking special measures, such as supporting recognized climate protection projects. The result is a neutral climate balance. The goal of further reducing Co2 emissions naturally remains the top priority.
What could be nicer than enjoying a freshly tapped organic beer outdoors? This is now possible in the cozy beer garden. In addition, the Garmischer Hof receives the top product award – one of three quality seals awarded by the Zugspitz Region GmbH.