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Alkaline diet hotel

Basenfasten at the Garmischer Hof

A healthy nutrition is very important to us, that’s no secret. Therefore, it was obvious to complete our consistent focus on organic products with an alkaline diet offer. „Basenfasten“ according to the wacker-method® deacidifies and detoxifies. As a side effect, Sabine Wacker’s detox program may also let you lose some weight. Our offer as a trained alkaline diet „Basenfasten“ hotel includes multi-day cures which you can book as a guest or external. We offer basic nutrition, special wellness treatments and competent care by trained staff. And the best thing ist that you do not need to starve yourself! In the case of an alkaline diet, you can enjoy a vast variety of delicious recipes.

If you are not quite sure, whether you can stick to the Wacker method? Then you may enjoy one of our short-stay arrangements. And no matter whether you opt for the short or longer basenfasten alkaline diet offers – you will always enjoy our organic certified cuisine, can look forward to an extended wellness experience and enjoy the climatic air of Garmisch-Partenkirchen. Incidentally, according to the Federal Environmental Agency (in 2018), the latter is the best in Germany.

Alkaline diet hotel with Wellness experience

When balancing the acid-base household it is important to help your body excreting unpleasant substances such as poisons and acids effectively. Therefore, our arrangements include purifying applications which can be combined with other SPA-offers. Alkaline baths, massages, sauna and steam bath visits have an acid-regenerating effect and boost your metabolism.

Alkaline diet hotel with certified organic Restaurant

During an alkaline Basenfasten diet only alkaline foods and resources are eaten or drunk for a certain period of time. In our alkaline diet hotel you will enjoy certified organic quality and get to know fruit and vegetables from a surprising new side. As an external guest, you are welcome to visit our certified organic restaurant for lunch and dinner and enjoy served alkaline diet menus.

Our alkaline diet offers: